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Group Seflie

The best talent in one Network

Here are a few reasons to use an experienced Sales Recruiter

  • No more spending your day staring at resumes - No more using you or your staff as recruiters and taking everyone away from helping the current team close deals.

  • Speed - our sales talent network has ready to send sales "Rock Stars". We can typically schedule interviews within 72 hrs.

  • Pure Math - Each day the role isn't filled you are losing money. If your company has A territory vacant for 2 months and this territory produces $20,000 per month, your company has lost $40,000! During the time the position has been vacant.

Our specialty
  • Accounts Managers

  • SDR's

  • Account Executives

  • BDR's

  • Sales Managers

  • Sales Directors

  • Sales Associates

  • Outside Sales Representative

  • Cold Callers

  • Sales Consultants

  • Channel Sales

  • Project Managers

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